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    I have a windows 7 host, running UEFI firmware with GPT disk.


    I have installed ubuntu in a separate partition of the same main disk and currently dual-booting between these two OSes.


    My question is : is it possible to create a VM inside windows 7 and boot ubuntu straight from its native hard disk?


    The free version of vmplayer does not have that feature.  After googling around and messing with it I was able to do that, sort of.  I'm still having all sort of weired errors, such as "unable to access \.\\physicaldrive0" or something like that.


    Is this configuration supported in the commercial version of vm player?  I was planning to purchase the license anyway, but thought to make sure about this use case first.


    Many thanks.



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  • 10/22/16--09:37: i want remove vsepflt
  • i used windows 2003


    i installed vmtools high rank

    so vsepflt was available

    and windows 2013 was BSOD



    i want remove vsepflt but i cant


    i remove vm tools but vsepflt available

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    Haven't found anything out there, so before I write a slew of workflows to turn the MS REST calls into vRO workflows, figured I'd just ask - anyone have these workflows already built?


    If not, anyone know how I can convert the json-like data returned into actual JSON?  I'm trying to do a JSON.parse(content) on it and getting invalid JSON.  I get something like this back:

    "totalCount": 11, "items": [{item 1},{item 2}],...],"links": {"self":{"url":/customers?size=20","method"="GET","headers":[]}},"attributes":{"objectType":"Collection"})


    If I just take the array for items, that parses out into the things I want and is valid JSON.  Looks like MS is adding in a bunch of stuff about my request into the return value.  Is this some format that javascript can somehow parse into valid JSON or do I really need to string parse that thing manually to pull out the "items" array?

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    I've had this happen a few times as well.   The thing that typically works for me is to edit the VDP appliance VM settings make sure to remove any hot-added virtual disks that are not associated with the XFS filesystems.  You should be able to see them by datastore location.  Once you remove these umount all filesystems run a full xfs repair e.g.



    for i in `echo {b..z}`; do umount /dev/sd${i}1; done



    #verify no xfs volumes mounted


    for i in `echo {b..z}`; do xfs_repair -n /dev/sd${i}1; done


    Make sure those all complete cleanly. 


    Reboot and it should recovery.  It may perform a gsan rollback.  Check top or ps aux | grep san.  You can tail the log in e.g. tail -F /tmp/dpnctl-gsan-restart-output-6500 ( you'll see this from the previous ps aux )


    Wait till that completes and do status.dpn or dpnctl status all.  You should get everything back up and running.  I think this happens from HA events in our cluster.  Sometimes a host goes down and the VDP appliance gets HA'd to another host and the hot adds are stuck on the VM and it doesn't recover cleanly.   Definitely not VDPs fault but it sucks when it happens.

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    The fragment you posted is indeed invalid JSON. Are you edited it by hand?


    It has unbalanced pairs of quotes and parentheses. The equal sign in "method"="GET" should be a colon, the value of "url" lacks the opening double quote, there is a strange closing parenthesis at the end (instead of opening/closing braces around the whole data).


    So it is very close to a valid parseable JSON, with just a few invalid characters here and there. Out of curiosity, which Azure call returns such wrongly-formatted data?

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    Update: Disabled "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" in Apple->SystemPreferences->EnergySaver ("Computer sleep" was already "never" and "Display sleep" was already 45 minutes before Fusion issues arose -- I've not changed them).  Made no other changes.

    Both of the Windows 10 guest VM's I'd left running are unresponsive, again, on Fusion 8.5 GUI.

    Given that my Sierra Mac's sleep is already "never" and I've disabled "Put hard disks to sleep," I don't know of any other settings I can adjust to eliminate factors suspected to cause this error.

    Makes VMware Fusion entirely-unworkable, now.

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    Connectivity is fine when port is in access mode on cisco switchport. When I configure trunking, it dies. I am following these steps...


    Sample configuration of virtual switch VLAN tagging (VST Mode) (1004074) | VMware KB


    Anyone have any idea what I could be doing wrong...



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    This is the update process for vSphere 6. I suspect it will be similar for 6.5, and VMware will likely create another KB for 6.5 or add 6.5 into the associated products for this KB.


    Update sequence for vSphere 6.0 and its compatible VMware products (2109760) | VMware KB

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    Hi, working as part of a project where we have two setups of Horizon View, 5.0.1 and 6.0.1 the View 6.0.1 server was recently setup (past two months, connection to existing vCenter etc)


    I have gone through the users and entitlements setup for View 5.0.1 and its pretty apparent that its not being used (Originally i had to wait for information about this from the third parties-I had been thinking about getting requirements etc and adding them to View 6)


    Just wondering what would be best practice for decommissioning View 5.0.1



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    With trunk ports on the Cisco switch, you need to set the appropriate VLAN ID (e.g. 25, or 26) for each of the port groups (unless you are using virtual guest tagging), except for port groups which access to the default VLAN (1). If you only have a single NIC you may need to set the Management port group's VLAN ID from the DCUI.

    Btw "no cdp enable" is not required anymore.



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    Looks like I have some more reading to do.


    Thank you

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    Hopefully issue is specific to this template and rest of the VM's creation/power on activity in same org-vdc connected to same Distributed switch is working fine ?  Can you answer below queries and if possible follow below steps.


    1. How did you create this template ?

    2. Did you tried deploying the VM directly to vsphere and checked the results ?


    Mostly likely template(VM) is configured with some NIC settings which VCD is not able to pick . Try deploying directly to VC and remove the NIC entries if something exists  and import it to VCD,if VM doesn't come with any NIC entries go through VM -VMX file to confirm if there is anything informative.

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    I just upgraded to esxi 6.0 update 2 from esxi 5.5. After update vcenter appliance didn't start and I cannot login from any client including SSH. I want to do this to start vcenter appliance or at least try to. However, when I go to the console I can login OK to the UI then I type Alt f1 to get to the command line interface and the same credentials I used to login to console fail here. What is going on - how do I recover from this? Most of the rest of the VM's seem to be running OK except for vcenter.

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    i'm sorry for the late reply. Yes you have two options in this case.


    1. Deploy one more Edge in Site-B and create NAT rule with appropriate F/W rule and connect it to UDLR. So connectivity will be like this


    VM ->Universal Logical Switch-UDLR-Edge Siteb


    2. Connect UDLR to existing Edge in Site-A


    VM > Universal Logical Switch-UDLR-Edge SiteA

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    vCD : 5.6.4 and 8.10

    I have faced the same issue The operation failed because no suitable resource was found. Hub "Resources" doesn't have enough "*" storage: required - 60000 MB, available - 0 MB.

    I'm not able to deploy new VMs or increase Hard Disk of existing VMs which reside on the datastore cluster via vCloud, but I can do it directly in vCenter.


    I have deployed test environment and added 20Gb datastore to datastore cluster. New tag has been created and assigned to the datastore. Storage Policy created based on the tag.

    In vCloud I reduced red threshold to a minimum - 1Gb

    Storage Policy set to unlimited in Org VDC

    The maximum size of VM which vCloud allows me to create on the datastore cluster is 9GB HDD (+1Gb RAM)

    Datastore Capacity - 19.75Gb

    Provisioned - 11.02Gb

    Free - 9.84Gb


    When I'm trying to add 1Gb to VM's HDD vCloud shows me the error below even though there 9.84Gb free space. I can easily create VM on the datastore using vCenter and vSphere Client


    I tried this SQL query to verify database entity Deploying vShield Edge Appliance or vApp fails with the error: Hub "Resources" doesn't have enough "<Storage Profile&…

    0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-565    T2-policy    9047    1024

    0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-607    T2-policy    9047    1024

    0x0197D882922F432F875D259E043AA009    resgroup-608    T2-policy    9047    1024


    I don't understand why this is happening.

    Are there any restrictions from vCloud?


    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    What if I redo the update but install the host software from scratch - basically reconfigure the networks and re add the vms? That may be the only way to get back in.

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    Thank you so much nancyz for replying. I've given that a try and will monitor. At the moment they are certainly showing different IP addresses.

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    hi I have a issue when trying to pause/play or restart guest VM from the task bar of host machine I am running windows 10 professional host, xp 32 and win 7 32 guests.


    the taskbar buttons of host doesn't do anything any help please I would appreciate


    I'm trying to use the buttons on the thumbnail preview on hosts taskbar



    let me know if it works for anyone? or is it a problem with my installation

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    Here is my support information on this same issue.

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    Newbie here guys, I just wanted to know how to connect the VM host machines in ESXI servers network? 


    I already have my two ESXi 6.0 servers sharing storage with vCenter and a created Cluster on standby.


    I lot of people say I need vCenter first but even if so I still need help on the networking side; eventually getting vMotion going.


    Thank you in advance.

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